Solutions We Offer

HR Start-Up Packages

Let us help you build the HR framework for your business. Ensure the basics are covered, legislative requirements are met and required training is complete.

Employee Handbooks

Set the tone for your organization by presenting a professional and meaningful Employee Handbook. We communicate culture and expectations to all staff.

Hiring + Employment Contracts

We can help you make sure your hiring process is fair and efficient. Are you using behavioural-based interviewing techniques? We can help by training your hiring managers to conduct meaningful interviews. Once you find the right candidate, we'll even do the reference checks for you! Most importantly, we can prepare the employment agreement for your new employee or contractor.  

Wellness Programs + Employee Benefits

Do you need to review your benefits plan?  Have you thought about making changes? We can be your HR team working with the benefits provider(s) to ensure smooth transitions.

Have you thought about implementing a Wellness Campaign? These programs are a positive value-add for your staff and it can lead to increases in performance and productivity. We can help you find a solution to fit your team.

Employee Review Programs

Employee review programs can be simple yet effective. We can help by reviewing your current program for enhancements or designing the one right for your team.

Employee Relations + Dismissals

Turn a difficult situation around. We can guide you through difficult employee situations. If necessary, we will conduct objective workplace investigations. 

We can assist with dismissals by preparing the documentation and conducting the meeting. 

When an employee leaves your team, it's a great idea to conduct exit interviews to gather insight for potential improvements. We can do this for you!